This Blog Brought to You by 37

I was telling my husband, 37, about how I couldn’t think of anything to write a blog about.  So he came up with these two suggestions:

1) Rename the alphabet

2) Paint that changes color

Ok, renaming the alphabet? 

37 actually threw this out there as a viable topic for a blog.  And I, being just that hard up for topics, wrote it down.  Hmmm . . . rename the alphabet, eh?  Talk about being caught up on your To Do list!

Let’s see here . . .

laundry   √

vacuuming  √ 

rototilling  √

iron socks  √

let cat our of bag  √

Well, it looks like all there is left to do now is rename the alphabet!  Hunky Dory!  Hey, there’s the first letter re-name right there.  So that’s 1 down and 25 to go!

Now it’s on to the next topic.  Paint that changes color. 

I think what 37 meant by this slightly ambiguous phrase was — wouldn’t it be neat if they invented paint that changed color on its own?

So let’s say we paint our living room beige and, at some point, probably in the dark of night, it changes color on its own. So maybe it’s purple when we get up the next morning. The conversation might go something like this:

37:  “Honey come and look!  The paint changed color on its own!”

Me:  “Uh huh, now all we have to do is go buy new furniture to match!”

37:  “uh . . . well . . . maybe it will change back.  I think we should hold off on that.”

Me:  “Oh so you’re saying we are never going to buy any new furniture?”

37:  “Well, how could we possibly buy new furniture when the paint keeps changing color?”

Oh!  So THAT’S  what 37 is up too!   It’s all making sense to me now.  Well, isn’t that just like 37.  He NEVER wants to buy any new furniture.  No wonder he thinks paint that changes color would be neat.

Neat for whom? 

Oh yeah!  Well that does it.  I’m going out right this very minute and buy all new furniture! And when 37 gets home tonite he’s going to be in for a big surprise!  And if he doesn’t like it, he’ll have no one to blame but himself.

Paint that changes color, my foot!

Until next time . . . I love you


2 thoughts on “This Blog Brought to You by 37

  1. I like the idea of renaming the alphabet. Once you rename it, let me know. I want to find out what my NEW name is using the renamed alpha-bits.

    37 and his ideas. They are starting to sound a more and more like your ideas/dreams. Remember the underwater bicycle idea?

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