Tomorrow Night It’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Fish!

Guess what I’m cooking for dinner tonite, dear.

I cooked fish last night for dinner. 

I don’t know a lot about the make and model of the fish I cooked except that it was white, and I bought it at Trader Joe’s. As you probably already know, things are better when you buy them at Trader Joe’s.  That’s because Trader Joe’s refuses to sell any food that contains unnecessary, unhealthy additives like preservatives, chemicals, poison or lint.

Sure, you do have to put up with bread that gets stale before you unload it from your Trader Joe’s nylon-mesh-don’t-be-a-pig-about-the-environment bag you purchase every time you go because you keep forgetting to take one with you; but it’s a small price to pay for Trader Joe’s Lint-Free 7,643-Grain Bread containing 67 grams of fiber in every bite once it’s swallowed, god willing.

Anyway, I did a really nice job on the fish I cooked last night.  First, I took it out of the package.  I find this is always a good idea.  Then, I put together a mixture of flour and some spices I had sitting around.  My spices sit around practically 24/7.  I’ve made peace with the fact they will never amount to much.

Sure they’re a pathetic group of slackers, but they’re MY pathetic group of slackers.

Some of the spices I used were salt, pepper, lemon pepper, Season All, garlic pepper, garlic salt . . . well; basically I used every spice I owned. (Luckily I was out of cinnamon.)

Then I heated up some olive oil in a big frying pan, smothered the fish (don’t worry it was already dead) in the spices and threw it in the frying pan when it got sizzling hot.

I wasn’t very nice to it really.

I browned both sides and added water, covered it and let it steam on low for about 15 minutes.  Then I squeezed lemon juice all over it and stuck it in the oven for a half hour more.

I took it out of the oven and frosted it with a nice healthy layer of cocktail sauce.

Well, sir!  We absolutely loved it.

Who knew me and 37 were such fish connoisseurs!

Until next time . . . I love you

15 thoughts on “Tomorrow Night It’s Peanut Butter and Jelly Fish!

  1. We Vernon’s love our spices! I don’t like fish or chicken unless it’s slightly burned and smothered in every spice I own which amounts to about 10,000 grams of sodium. then later I tell myself I ate a healthy nutritious dinner of lightly grilled fish.

  2. Fun post!

    I have never tried cooking fish at home. My father used to cook what we caught on camping trips and I don’t recall that I particularly enjoyed eating the “fresh fish” that he prepared.

    I’ll stick to the square fish that you get on sandwiches at restaurants. At least if I get sick I’ll have someone else to blame.

    • Haha. And at least there are no bones to contend with. My dad used to fry up fish he caught too. I remember it smelling better than it tasted. I don’t have any memory of cocktail sauce so that would explain a lot! :)

  3. “First I took it out of the package. I find this is always a good idea.”

    Hahahahaha I love how you just throw stuff in there like that! You werent; very nice to the fish lol…Right on about Trader Joe’s too oh boy – thank you for my daily chuckle. I’,m catching up from stuff I ‘ve been missing – I did stop to pee first tho so I might make it. You almost have inspired me to go smother some fish tonight but I think I’ll have to do with fish sticks which have been way smothered to the point of…overkill. Sounds tasty your concoction. :-)

  4. I actually think I found your blog through someone else’s nomination of you for the versatile blogger award, but I just did it again. You’re that good.

    Keep it real, sister.

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