An Intimate Conversation with My Husband,37

Sometimes when you’ve been married to someone for 37 years, conversations get a little out of whack.

Here’s what happened last night for instance.

The Scene:   37 is relaxing in his recliner eating soup and a sandwich and watching the golf channel, and I am cleaning out the bookshelf.  My comments are in green, and 37’s are in red.

There!  I have it all arranged according to topic!  And I found this whole stack of books I completely forgot about!

How nice!

I know!

Phil Mickelson got inducted into the PGA Hall of Fame!

Oh I thought you were talking about the way I rearranged the books.

Mmmm. . . turned out really really good.

Thank you, I’ve always been good at organizing!

Did you make it from scratch or buy it at the store?

Oh what?  You mean the soup?

Oh Jeez!  I don’t believe it!

What?  Did you find a bone or something?

I cannot believe Dustin Johnson missed that putt!

Oh, I thought you meant the soup.

Hey wait a minute something’s different.

Yeah, hello? I just cleaned out the book shelf, that’s what’s different.

This tuna doesn’t taste like normal.

You mean it tastes funny?

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!  YES!

Well maybe that’s why it was on sale.

Tiger Woods just made that 37-foot putt . . . YES!

You know what?  You haven’t been listening to a word I’ve been saying!

Yes I have! 

Ok, what have I been talking about?

Before I answer that, answer me this . . . why are all these books scattered everywhere?


Until next time . . . I love you

26 thoughts on “An Intimate Conversation with My Husband,37

  1. Good post, dear….I was only married 23 years, but have had a number of similar conversations, although mostly in reverse, as she was way less adept than you seem to be at communicating. Mostly, she thought I should read her mind, and already know what she was talking about before she jumped into the middle of it. Eventually, she went bonkers, and left me. (I figure anybody who’d leave me after 23 years would HAVE to be bonkers)
    Ah well, life is strange is it not? I’m glad you two are at least on the same planet, physically at least, if not always mentally….

    • Ha ha! Well we might be on the same planet but we’re definitely living in different dimensions! And I must admit that I do the same thing to 37 as your wife of 23 years did to you. Only difference between her and me is that she went bonkers and I was born bonkers!

  2. Loved this post! My parents would have conversations like this. Then they would call me (when I lived in SF) and say “We need you here to interpret. Between us not hearing so well anymore and not paying attention, we miss most of each other’s conversations!”

  3. Oh, you just took all the books out to clean the shelf, eh? Scattered the books all about….maybe you should have stacked them in front of the tv…..haha….I thought you meant changing the inventory…throwing books away….something I find very hard to do….hehe Great article, Linda!


    • Thank you Tom. I’m glad you enjoyed it and I’m going to keep that trick of stacking the books in front of the TV for the next time. Surely that would get his attention. Well, we’ll see.

  4. This cracks me up! You just summed up my marriage! It’s like we live in parallel universes and occassionaly bump into each other! Haha!

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