37 Takes a Shortcut and Nobody Got Eaten

My husband, 37, and I got to take an impromptu little trip to Lake Tahoe last week so 37 could attend a conference, and  I tagged along so I could eat out for every meal.

So on our way to the conference  which was about 3 hours away, 37 decided to take a shortcut to miss rush-hour traffic.  I mentally added an hour and a half to the trip, which is always par for the course when 37 decides to take a faster route.  OK, maybe it’s not exactly par for the course as much as double bogey for the course.

Anyway, I was relieved  to find we were heading in the direction of Lake Tahoe when  the signs along the way started including the word Donner as in the infamous “What’s for dinner? We are! Donner Party of pioneer culinary fame who got lost crossing the mountains and well . . .  ended up eating one another and whatnot.

“Where shall we stop for dinner?”  I asked 37.

“I don’t know, I guess anywhere that’s not called Donner Party Family Restaurant.”

“Well, I feel sorry for the Donner Party.”  I said.  “Not only were they forced to eat each other; but people are still making fun of them for it to this very day!”

“Well, don’t feel too bad, after all, making fun of the Donner Party  is the  common ground that’s kept our marriage together for 37 years!”

Mrs. (or possibly Mr.) Donner

“I bet when the Donners were pulling into St. Louis, Mrs. Donner said, “Let’s stop and get something to eat here, since there might not be another restaurant for  hundreds of miles!”

“Yeah and Mr. Donner probably said,  ‘No it will take too much time. Let’s just eat when we get there’ . . . ” 37 added.

“Yeah and then Mr. Donner probably said ‘there’ll be plenty of time to chew the fat once we get there because . . . I know a shortcut!'”

Anyway, when we finally got to  the hotel  it was dark, so we didn’t see this magnificent view from our room until morning: 

View from the room of the Squaw Valley Resort Hotel. 

The next day, 37 left to attend the conference and partook of the breakfast buffet with other conference attendees.  But during the morning break, he met me at the breakfast buffet so he could keep me company while I ate. 

I piled my plate high and wide, and 37 got an extra plate so I would have enough room for fruit.  (The plates were small, really!)  So we sat down at the table and we both had coffee, and I ate my breakfast while 37 nibbled from the fruit from on the extra plate. 

When 37 had to get back to the conference –13 minutes later, the waitress brought our check — $30.00 per plate and $4.00 per cup of coffee for a grand total of $68. 

Of course, it would have been a lot cheaper to just eat each other.  

Say what you will about the Donner Party, but they really were ahead of their time. 

Until next time  . . . I love you (even maybe for dinner!)

29 thoughts on “37 Takes a Shortcut and Nobody Got Eaten

  1. What a fun trip! I never get tired of the Donner party jokes. If the Samson party (who most likely traveled after the Donners) and cracked jokes about the Donner’s it’d go something like this:
    Mr. Samson “Honey, I’m STARVING! What’s for Donner?”
    Mrs. Samson “Too soon”

    • Well actually 37 wanted to stop at this restaurant he couldn’t remember the name of and he thought he would know it when he saw it but he also couldn’t remember exactly what town it was in. So we kept taking exits to see if he could find it. He never did so we finally just dwent to In and Out! LOL

  2. Why do people insist on calling them the Donner Party when clearly, that was NO PARTY. Sure, they might have had some laughs a long the way over barbecue, but still, you gotta hand it to them, (no pun intended), it took real heart (no pun intended) to survive. Haha! My husband and I had the same breakfast buffet experience in Canada. Let’s be honest, how much breakfast can one person eat? Never mind, don’t answer that : /

    • LOL Lisa. OMG you’re making me laugh! And I won’t answer that . . . because if I did there would have to be a pun intended and I think you used them all in your comment already! :D

  3. Hi,
    First time I have heard of the Donner’s they sound like a blast. :)
    What a fantastic room you had a beautiful view, and I sure hope you enjoyed that breakfast. :D

    • Haha Mags! I’ve never heard them described as a blast before! The view was wonderful and if I would have known how much I was paying for that breakfast, I definitely would have gone back for seconds! :)

  4. Love, love, love your humor. Laughed outloud. Oh, the husband driving….yikes. Eat each other! hee hee Too funny. I used to live near Roseville. Where abouts are you? I don’t remember. I probably already asked. :)

  5. This post really shocked me: Mrs. Donner– possibly Mr. Donner– was my tenth grade English teacher. Oh sure, she– possibly he– was going by another name back then, but I’ll never forget that face… : P

    This post also reminded me of your great story about the guy who lived next door to a Cannibal Training School.

    Anyway, your posts always leave me hungry for more… : )

    • Well, if your tenth grade teacher started drooling when he/she walked by the kids (say around lunchtime?) then I would have to concur.

      Ha! And I have a feeling your tenth grade teacher was also moonlighting at the Cannibal Training School! :D

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