Sunny, How I Love Ya!

Yay!  The Sun is out!  And summer is sliding into home plate!

Sunny, California

I really shouldn’t be complaining about the sun or lack thereof since I live in Sunny California and would never live anywhere else.  I couldn’t take the weather anywhere else.  It would either be too hot (Arizona I’m talking to you), too confining (Hawaii I’m putting your name on the board), too humid (Florida go sit down) or much, much too rainy (Seattle you’re staying after school).

 Honolulu, Hawaii

37 (my husband) and I visited Hawaii for the very first time last fall.  I always thought, when I go to Hawaii I know I’m never going to want to come home again.  Well, turns out I was wrong.  It’s not that Hawaii isn’t beautiful beautiful beautiful! (Btw, I’m asking for adjectives for my birthday.)  It’s just that Hawaii belongs to the people who were born and raised there.

You see, I’d get a little stir crazy being surrounded on all four sides (or maybe even five) by the sea, see?

I mean, I like the ocean just fine as far as bodies of water go, I just don’t like what could be lurking in said body of water just below my big toe — getting ready to freak me out by biting, stinging or eating it.

 Seattle, Washington

And as far as places to live go, don’t even get me started about Seattle.  Places like Seattle should be illegal.

37 and I lived in Seattle for six of the longest years to ever grace the pages of a calendar.

In my opinion, Seattle is a horrible, horrible place where people have to take a number to jump off a bridge.  Ok, I might be exaggerating just a teeny bit, but whose going to stop me?  You? Ha!  I’d like to see you try!

Another non-wonderful thing about Seattle is that when the sun does come out (once or twice for a couple of hours in the August), you can’t go out in the yard barefooted because “the rain forest in which all things in Seattle are located” is home to a little thing called slugs, only they’re big.

In Seattle, you’ve got your small, your medium and your large slugs — inch-worming around in the grass day and night –their sole purpose in nature being to freak out barefooted humans.

And if that’s not bad enough, they also have this really cute thing called a banana slug, that looks like a banana only it moves.

Banana Slugs put the jeebie in heebie jeebie

Anywhere In, Arizona

I would go on to complain about living in Arizona but I’ve never been there.  I know it’s pathetic isn’t it?  I’ve only been to Hawaii, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and California.  But judging from the shape of Arizona on the map, it looks boring.  Maybe I’ll make it a point to visit that little notch at the top left-hand side just so I can say I’ve been there.

Forget About It?, Florida

Now, I’ve never been to Florida, but I think I would like to go there.  Even though I’ve heard  they have snakes, alligators, sharks, and stink apes and that’s just at the airport. Ha Ha!

I would visit there but 37 is against all things Floridian.  (“Floridan” is one of those great words that make you sound smarter than you are.)

37 thinks it’s too humid in Florida and when he went there, he felt like he couldn’t breath and said it was so hot he felt like he was going to die.

What a pansy!  We’re going anyway!

Until next time . . . I love you

31 thoughts on “Sunny, How I Love Ya!

    • How do I feel about Ohio? Well let me see. . . I like the name. It’s friendly. It’s like a popular kid who is popular because they are a genuinely nice and who says hi to everybody and realizes that they left you out so they go back to say hi to you and then feel a little awkward but you’re still very happy about the fact that they made the extra effort and you like them from that moment on. Other than that I guess I don’t feel much of anything about Ohio! :D

  1. Oh man, slugs look like leeches. They are going to suck your blood out. I just know they’re waiting to suck me.

    Florida is humid, tis true. I never minded it when I lived there, but now it seems sort of muggy, in retrospect. I have no desire to go back. Funny how things work.

    I’ve never seen a slug in Portland, Oregon. I’m going to pretend they only live in Seattle.

    • Ha! Slugs do look like leeches! And if a slug so much as glanced at me with a sucking look in it’s eye, I would have never gone outside again. We lived there during the time the infamous Green River Killer was on the prowl and one time a policeman came by with a warning to be very careful and be on the look out for any suspicious men lurking about. But that didn’t scare me as much as walking across the lawn barefooted!

    • A stink ape and and a banana slug walk into a bar . . . there’s a joke in there somewhere Twinkle Toes! And your just the person to fill in the rest . . . And thank you so much for wishing me a happy birthday. It’s not really my birthday, though, I I just like to start asking for stuff early (like 6 months early!)

  2. Is it your birthday, Linda Vernon? ‘Cause if it is…
    HAPPY, HAPPY, BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! The world is a better place because you’re in it!! If it’s not your birthday, the world is still a better place because you’re in it!

    I’m crossing Washington and Hawaii off my list of possibilities. How do you feel about Oregon, specifically the Portland/ Lake Oswego area?

    Florida is a fun vacation state and the beaches are out of this world beautiful – white sugary sand and deep turquoise water ( further north the water gets less turquoise) and there are no rocks or pebbles like on the west coast, just white sand and shells. It can be hot and humid BUT, because you have ocean on both sides the wind usually blows the bad weather away. It doesn’t stay one way for too long.

    Lastly, are there any places in California that are beautiful yet more affordable to live?

    One more thing… New York occasionally gets slugs. I remember them from my childhood. GROSS!

    • Oh how sweet! Thank you so much Lisa! :D Florida sounds wonderful and I really hope we can go there sometime. I’m not very fond of traveling as I get homesick easily — like before I even leave HA! But I do think Florida would be well worth it! I may have to get on the internet and research some places! Any suggestions?

      I think the Portland area is absolutely beautiful. And while it doesn’t rain as much as in does in Seattle (or so they say) it does rain a lot — too much for me anyway! Especially now that I’ve lived in CA for 31 years now!

      I do think that real estate is cheaper in northern California, up around Eureka and in that area. It’s so beautiful up there too. I know that California gets a bad rap, but I’ve always loved California. There’s so much going on. There are mountains, deserts, beaches, movie stars and all within a days drive. I’m really spoiled living here. I don’t think I could ever live anywhere else!

      New York has slugs too? I never really thought about it before but New York is coastal so I guess they get kind of weather. Naturally, I’ve never been there before! LOL!

      • If you go to Florida, I like Palm Beach. There’s a BEAUTIFUL hotel there called, The Breakers. It’s gorgeous. Miami has gotten corrupt and has a lot of crime. Don’t go there. In fact, if you can avoid the Miami airport you should. West Palm Beach has an airport that’s really great. I’ve never been to the gulf side of Florida but I hear it’s nice.
        I’ll look at the Eureka area — sounds good to me. I’m like you, I have a hard time without sunshine. I think Seattle would make me cranky! Haha!

        It’s wonderful that you’re so in love with your home and area that you never feel like leaving. That says a lot!

        • Oh if we ever go there that’s where we’ll go and we’ll stay at the Breakers! And thanks for tipping us off about the Miami airport! I wouldn’t want to end up like a character out of Scarface or Donnie Brasco! LOL!!

  3. I can handles slugs, Humitity and Stink Apes but keep me away from roaches (here’s looking at you Newark California), bums (I’m talking to you San Francisco) and overpriced real estate (You know you who are anywhere in California except Fresno/Bakersfield). I remember you always told me you didn’t know you were depressed until you left Seattle. Us sunshine lovers can’t handle rain 300 days of the year.

    • So true on each and every one of those!! HA HA! I think trying to keep yourself cheerful when you have to have the lights on everyday because it’s so dreary outside takes a toll. When I lived there, just about everyone I met would tell me right off the bat that they could have lived anywhere in the world, but they chose Seattle because they thought it was the most beautiful place on earth. I’ve never heard anybody in CA say that. It’s like the people in Seattle were having to constantly convince themselves they like it.

  4. I think living anywhere there is sun and warmth all year long would be great…but alas Canada the north…well not too far north is our homeland and we will continue to take vacations when possible in the cold of the winter…except not next year..because we’ve got a special ’50th anniversary’ vacation planned for next July where we are going to the hot hot country of ‘Aruba’ …anyway that’s our plan….Diane

    • ARUBA!!! YAY I’ve heard it’s absolutely a wonderful place and I’ve also seen it on HGTV International and it looks soooo nice. Oh what fun! And for your 50th wedding anniversary! That is absolutely amazing Diane!!

      You guys are certainly not pansies up there in Canada. The farthest north I ever lived was Spokane Washington and we would travel up to the northern border of Washington for football games and I couldn’t believe how cold it was! And that’s probably the tropics for you guys! It boggles my mind how hearty you all must be!

  5. Hi,
    Is it your Birthday? A very Happy Birthday, I hope you have a fabulous day. :D
    Join Florida and Seattle together and it sounds just like Queensland where i live. :)

  6. Thank you so much for the wishing me a happy birthday! My birthday’s not actually for another 6 months but I guess I figure it’s never too early to start asking for stuff LOL!

    I’m trying to imagine what a cross between Florida and Seattle would be like and that’s what Queensland is like? What an amazing place. I doubt there’s any place else like it. That’s what I love about Australia, it does things it’s own way. It’s the rebel continent! :D

  7. Slugs can be entertaining, in a super-gross kind of way. Do you know that if you pour salt on them they dissolve right before your eyes? It’s quite disgusting, actually, but there’s a small sadistic slug related tendency I have.

    Maybe I’m really morphing a fourth grade boy!

  8. Ha ha Ronnie! I think we all have a little bit of the fourth grade boy in us. Or should! It makes life a heck of a lot more interesting. I used to kill the snails in my garden by pouring a bottle of wine into a cookie sheet and setting it out in the evening. There would be so many dead snails in it in the morning and all the wine would be gone and I would say to myself ‘those snails had a choice’. They could have chosen to forego the alcohol but no they got what they deserved. I was the Carrie Nation of the snail world. And a bit of a fourth grade boy as well! LOL

  9. Poor 37!! I see him lying on a dune buggy trail in Panama City Beach during Spring Break, begging some drunken college kid to put him out of his misery. I’d be doing the same. Still, it’s good to see that kind of self-sacrificial attitude in a husband. Shows character. Ah, the poor devil… : P

    I liked the slug, but I miss the horses!! : )

    • Ha ha! Mark! I think you pretty much summed up what our vacation to Florida would entail. And I promise to send you a postcard from Panama City Beach with horses on it! :D

  10. Ok: vibrant, glorious, breath taking, inspiring, pretty, striking, mesmerising… Happy Birthday! :)

    Try living in Scotland: Cold, wet and when it is hot, we can’t bloody handle it! :)

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