How to Tell If You Are Spending Too Much Time with Your Horse


If someone asks you your age, you respond by stomping one foot the appropriate number of times.

You think the best thing anybody could ever do is bale on you!

“What? For moi? THANK YOU!”

You often miss work due to coming up lame.

Sometimes you secretly want to bite your hairdresser when she’s brushing your hair.

I could so totally bite her right now.

All your shopping trips are reduced to the same question: Where can I find the carrots?

You’ve taken to nailing your shoes on too!

“Oh yeah they hurt . . . but they won’t come off!”

The term name brand has taken on a whole new meaning (and it’s something you’re seriously considering).

“No wait! I’m just considering it!

You want with all your heart for two plus two to equus four.

If startled; you’ve been known to stampede.

“What was that noise?  I’m getting out of here!”
“Me too!”
“Me too!”
“Me too!”
“Me too!”

And finally:

You’re thinking about changing your business cards from entrepreneur to entremanure.

“Can I please speak to Linda Vernon, Entremanure?”

Until next time . . . I love you

12 thoughts on “How to Tell If You Are Spending Too Much Time with Your Horse

    • I know what you mean Ronnie. No matter what the weather or how lazy I’m feeling about spending time with my horse, it always turns out to be totally worth it! :D

  1. The picture with the girl getting her hair brushed (and her totally wanting to bite the hair dresser) made me laugh out loud!

    Another hint that you might be spending too much time with your horse? You have a hoarse voice.

  2. Yes!– Where can I find the carrots? I’m always asking that down at the Thrift Store and getting blank looks. Also dirty looks, ’cause I bring in so many flies. I shan’t elaborate on that last part… : P

    Always a pleasure meeting a fellow Entremanure. My business card includes the line: How do you like them horse apples?? Just something you might want to consider… : P

    • LOL!!! Hahaha! I love your elevator pitch! Very memorable! And the flies must give you that little extra certain something that people never (no matter how hard they try) forget. It’s Mark (eting) genius at it’s best! I hope you have a few carrots sticking out of your back pocket for good measure. All us professional entremanures do you know! :D

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