37 Buys a Coffee Maker and We Named Him Roy

Hello Dear Readers.  Today, I have a doctors appointment . . . sigh . . .  which means I don’t have any time to think up something new for the blog,  So in lieu of new, here’s something old!  

My husband, 37, Buys a Coffee Maker and We Named Him Roy (the coffee maker not 37)

My husband, 37, and I have to have a certain amount of coffee each morning to properly function — no more, no less, or we’ll be dead by 9:30 a.m.

So yesterday when our coffee maker conked out, I gave 37 the task of getting us a new one.  And since 37 loves to buy things that plug in, he wholeheartedly agreed.

When I got home last night and went into the kitchen, I was greeted by 37’s coffee maker purchase extraordinaire!  It was nothing less than the ultimate symbol of the most advanced civilization to have ever existed on planet earth.  I’m speaking, of course, of the:

The Coffee PLUS® 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker & Hot Water System. 

But let’s just call it Roy.

When I first saw Roy, it was like looking at the control panel of a Boeing 747.  I even thought I saw a docking port for my ipod, but I was mistaken, it turned out to be a hot water spigot.

And if you happen to be a fan of spigots, this here’s the coffee maker for ya’ll. (Sorry, I left the window open last night and must have contracted a slight case of  fakey southern accent.)

Naturally Roy has a timer so that piping hot coffee will be waiting for 37 and I when the sun comes up –and,  if we can figure out how to do it — I think it also has a programmable timer for what time we would like the sun to come up.

Let’s peruse the Instruction Booklet shall we?

Hmm. . . I’m looking at the instructions right now and from what I can ascertain, it looks like Roy might also have a spin cycle; but I’m not very good a ascertaining so dont’ get your hopes up.

Yes it’s definitely a spin cycle maybe.

Nifty! It says Roy also has a light that flashes whenever Roy needs a good decalcification.  (And frankly who wouldn’t be better off having a good decalcification?)

Hey here’s some good news!   It says Roy is equipped with a charcoal water filter!  Which is a good thing because if when 37 decides to try to poison me by putting poison in my coffee, it will be filtered out! (And 37 thinks he’s so smart. Ha!)

Ok, you know what? I’m getting as bored as you are, Dear Reader, with reading Roy’s instruction manual, so I’m going to end this little coffee soliloquy right now!  Hope ya’ll don’t have a problem with that, ya’ll.

In the meantime, I’m going to see if there’s something I can take for this fakey southern accent.

Until next time . . . I love ya’ll

19 thoughts on “37 Buys a Coffee Maker and We Named Him Roy

  1. Lol!! I think I need one of these. No, not the coffee maker, the southern accent!!
    If anything happens to you Linda, you know… (motions with index finger across neck), I’ll know to tell the police that it was not poison, because Linda has a charcoal filter. That’s one good thing. :D

    • Really? Well you’re young, Hey Look! But when you get to be my age there’s a coffee indicator light that appears on your forehead that says TILT when you’ve reached your coffee limit! :D

  2. Oh 37!! The coffee machine he bought you reminds me of that coffee machine Tyler got me for Xmas a few years ago. I think they enjoy putting together and playing with all the contraptions. It reminds me of the Simpson’s episode where Homer buys Marge a bowling ball for their anniversary.

    • Oh I never saw that bowling ball Simpsons. But I bet it was funny. Dad sure does like the bells and whistles when it comes to coffee makers. I think this one actually has bells (to let you know when it’s turning itself off) and whistles (to call a cab).

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