Explaining Friday with Charts and Graphs

Dear Readers!  Good News!  It’s Friday here at the blog.  What does Friday mean to us?

For some of us, Friday means it’s the last day of the work week and that the next two days will be spent in pursuits of our own choosing!

On the other hand, for those of us who are off all week and who have to go to work on Saturday and Sunday then Friday means it’s actually Sunday and tomorrow isn’t really Saturday at all — it’s Monday, meaning of course, it won’t actually be Friday, in a case like that, until Sunday!

I know it sounds confusing, Dear Readers, perhaps this  helpful chart will be helpful:

Helpful Chart created by Linda Vernon

Now as you can see by this helpful chart, if it’s Sunday, and you have to go to work on Thursday, but you have four Wednesdays off in a row,  it won’t actually be Friday until Tuesday afternoon.  Or maybe it’s the other way around.  I’m alway getting those two confused.

Maybe this graph will better illustrate my point:

Graph that better illustrates my point

Graph That Will Better Illustrate My Point

There now!  Isn’t that better?   Oh, and if you look in the lower-right hand corner of the Chart That Better Illustrates My Point, you will see that Friday tolerances are not cumulative!   Wait . . . that doesn’t take into account leap year.  Oh I’m so embarrassed.  Wrong chart!

Here’s the chart I should have shown you in the first place:

The Chart I Should Have Showed You in the First Place

The Chart I Should Have Shown You in the First Place

As you can see, if you are here, and it’s Friday but you have to work on the weekend, then today is really uh . . . wait . . . okay, now even I’m getting confused.   Ha ha!  Isn’t that the way it always is on Fridays/Sundays (or possibly Wednesdays)?

Screw it,  Dear Readers!  Let’s just cut to the chase and go directly to the chart that is Self-Explanatory:

The Chart That Is Self Explanatory

The Chart That is Self Explanatory

The Chart That is Self Explanatory

I think you’ll agree, Dear Readers, that the person who came up with this chart to explain the different days of the week as they pertain to Fridays is a self-explanatory genius!  After all, it’s not every mind that can boil down a complicated “Friday” concept to  simple spleens, elbows and inner thys.

But just in case, you are still a little confused about whether it’s Friday, Sunday or next Tuesday, I’m pulling out the stops and throwing in a picture just to be on the safe side.  But not just any picture.  I am throwing in a picture that tells a thousand words.

A Picture That Tells a Thousand Words

The Picture That Tells a Thousand Words.

A Picture That Tells a Thousand Words

And there you have it, Dear Readers!  There’s really nothing left to say about Friday, Monday or any other day of the week as far as I’m concerned.

Have a great weekend!

Until next time . . . I love you

The Drawing Lady Teaches Us How to Draw Louie XIV

Good news, Dear Readers!  The Drawing Lady, everybody’s favorite tortured art teacher, is going to teach us how to draw a portrait of Louie XIV of France!

But please remember that The Drawing Lady has only recently recovered from the last lesson she gave us — when we made her so frustrated with all our questions and bad drawings — that she felt compelled to jump from the sixth story art school window — breaking every bone in her body.  

She’s since recovered but– . . . oh here she comes now . . . remember best behavior everyone . . . 

The Drawing Lady, everybody's favorite tortured art teacher
The Drawing Lady, everybody’s favorite tortured art teacher

Today The Drawing Lady will be teaching us how to draw a portrait of Louie XIV of France. Perhaps, Dear Readers, you are asking yourselves why Louie the XIV of France and not a rock or a fence or a horse?

a rock, a fence and a horse

Dear Readers!  What did we just talk about?  You are upsetting the Drawing Lady already with all your questions!  The Drawing Lady would simply like you to draw this portrait of Louie XIV of France to the best of your ability.

Louie  XV of France

The Drawing Lady says now  you try:

Louie XIV of France

Like this, Drawing Lady?  Is this good, Drawing Lady?  Does this look like Louie XIV of France, Drawing Lady? Did we get the  expression in the eyes right, Drawing Lady? 

Dear Readers,  The Drawing Lady is acknowledging that you have attempted to draw Louie XIV, but that is all.    She has begun hyperventilating ever so slightly  and implores you to try harder, much much harder.

The Drawing Lady would like you to try again by drawing this portrait of Louis XIV by Rigaud:

Louis_XIV_of_France by Rigaud

The Drawing Lady says now you try:

Louie XIV by Linda Vernon

Like this, Drawing Lady?  Is this good, Drawing Lady?  Did we produce  a distinctive aesthetic experience for you, Drawing Lady?  Do you like the way we drew his legs, Drawing Lady?  

Dear Readers!  The Drawing Lady has taken a break from her hyperventilating to swear a blue streak!  She cannot believe how poorly you have drawn the example!  The Drawing Lady absolutely insists  that you put more umph into it this time or she’ll  . . .  well let’s not think about what she’ll do.

The Drawing Lady would like you to try your very best to draw this portrait of Louie XIV in battle.

louis-xiv The Battle of Blenheim

The Drawing Lady says now you try:

Louie XIV The Battle of Blemheim by Linda Venron

How’s this Drawing Lady?  Did we get the horse’s feet right,  Drawing Lady?  Do you think we were able to capture his generosity of spirit, Drawing Lady?  

Dear Readers, the Drawing Lady is currently screaming into a pillow and therefore cannot answer your question bombardment.   She is giving you one last chance to redeem yourselves, Dear Readers,  by drawing this portrait of baby Louie XIV of France or she’ll . . . or she’ll . . . well, let’s not think about “or she’ll’s.

Baby Louie XIV

The Drawing Lady says now you try:

Baby Louie XIV by Linda Vernon

How this Drawing Lady? Do you think the  flower is impassioned,  Drawing Lady?  Why are you opening the window, Drawing Lady? . . .  Drawing Lady? . . .   Drawing Lady? . . . 

Dear Readers, I regret to inform you that the Drawing Lady has exited the building via her usual way —by plunging from The Drawing Lady School of Art’s  sixth story window.

This conclude our drawing lesson for today.

The Drawing Lady takes another Plunge

Until next time . . . I love you

The Crossroads of My Duck

Welcome Dear Readers!  What do 4,966,661 WordPress bloggers have in common?

Everyday bloggers just like you and me — except that they all have different names and different faces and probably aren’t the same height — are participating in a little thing called the WordPress Daily Prompt.   Here’s today’s prompt:

Life is a series of beginnings and endings. We leave one job to start another; we quit cities, countries, or continents for a fresh start; we leave lovers and begin new relationships. What was the last thing you contemplated leaving? What were the pros and cons? Have you made up your mind? What will you choose?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us CROSSROADS.

The Crossroads of My Duck

The Crossroads of my duck Linda Vernon humor


I loved you, Duck, through pain and strife

Twas really hard to leave you

At the crossroads of your life

(I didn’t mean to peeve you)

You were my confidant, dear

For no one else I turned to

I seared you in that pan (for luck!)

I didn’t mean to burn you


The pros and cons of eating you

Were too numerous to list

l’orange?  With honey?  In a stew?

(I’m sure you get the gist)


Oh little duck, my feathery friend

You have no counterpart

But truth is friend (I can’t pretend)

My stomach won my heart

Until next time . . . I love you


My Brain Peanuts Remembers: Penny Candy

Hello Dear Readers!  Welcome to this edition of My Brain, Peanuts, Remembers.

Today’s Topic:  Penny Candy


Growing up during the cold war wasn’t all that bad. That’s because the cold war wasn’t exactly cold and it wasn’t exactly war. The cold war was really more of a squabble between two little-girl super powers arguing over whether Barbie should live in Barbie’s Dream House or on Barbie’s Soviet Union Collective Farm — except that if these two little girls ever got mad enough to start pulling ponytails, mankind would have been wiped off the face of the planet.

But while the constant threat of getting blown to smithereens at any given moment wasn’t a pleasant thought, we kids of the 1950’s were pretty much able to shrug it off.

After all, we had pop bottle empties to redeem, money to collect, and penny candy purchasing decisions to make!

Here are some of my thought processes when it came to making penny candy purchases in the cold war:

Black Licorice

When investing in penny candy, I always made sure I included at least one stick of black licorice.  Black licorice came in long, braided sticks.  It not only cleansed my palate for other penny candy flavors, but also, it was a tremendous bargain.

A stick of black licorice was about eight inches long, and in the event of a national emergency such as a nuclear attack by the Russians (the only kind of national emergency that existed in the 50’s), a highly-disciplined child might be able to survive a week or more by rationing a single stick of black licorice– providing, of course, the child was safely tucked away in a bomb shelter or, failing that, not quite so safely tucked away in grandpa’s aluminum foil- covered basement.

Never take refuge in an aluminum foil basement without at least one of these

Never take refuge in an aluminum foil basement without at least one of these!

Red Licorice

I always felt red licorice to be a far inferior penny candy to that of black licorice both in flavor and in value. Aside from the obvious drawback that it was Commie Red, red licorice was also much shorter than a stick of black licorice – making it a much less suitable choice for atomic bomb holocaust survival.

Because when you really think about it, how long could a kid actually survive after a nuclear holocaust on one lousy stick of red licorice — bomb shelter or no bomb shelter?  (And that’s not even taking into account the fact that one measly stick of red licorice would make for a really lousy last meal.)

Commmie Red

“Here’s your last meal.”
“Never mind, I’ll skip it.”

Pixie Sticks

Pixie Sticks were paper straws filled with a sickeningly-sweet, Kool-Aid-like, powdery substance that came in a variety of flavors such as: cherry, lime, orange, grape and lemon.  All the flavors tasted the same except that they turned your tongue the color of whatever flavor you thought you were eating.

I have no idea what that powdery substance consisted of — but if you were to look at my sorry dental X-rays from that era, it was probably some sort of concoction devised by Russian scientists to penetrate the Colgate Shield.

Penetrating the Colgate Shield

“Uh oh, Billy. It looks like the Soviets have been tampering with your Colgate Shield, again!”

Jaw Breakers

Jaw breakers were the “ve have vays of making you talk” penny candy of the cold war world.  A jaw breaker was a ball of sugar hardened to the consistency of steel (probably utilizing secret technology stolen from the Russians).

Jaw breakers were designed to do one or all of the following things:

1) break your jaw

2) shatter your already cavity-filled teeth (see Pixie Sticks) 

3) administer death by choking.

But despite these drawbacks, jawbreakers remained a reliable penny candy purchase if only for the sheer excitement of sucking on them while cheating death.

Sputnik Jaw Breakers

The most memorable jaw breaker of cold war penny candy was called a Sputnik. 

It was blue with sharp little spikes sticking out of it.  It had that telltale 1950’s mysterious blue candy flavor you could never really put your finger on – maybe because it was derived from blueberry extract with just a hint of radio- active isotope but we’ll never know for sure.

"Care for a Sputnik?" "No thanks I"m trying to cut back on my radio active isotopes."

“Care for a Sputnik?”
“No thanks I”m trying to cut back on my radio active isotopes.”

The United States government was pretty sore when the Russians beat us into space by launching the Sputnik satellite; but not as sore as the Sputnik Jawbreakers made the inside of kids’ mouths all over America.

Bubble Gum

There were two types of bubble gum to choose from: Double Bubble and Bazooka.  Both came with comics wrapped around a little pink squares of bubble gum and each had a dividing line down the middle so that it could be divided equally and shared with a friend or comrade (if it came to that).

I always preferred Double Bubble simply because I felt the Double Bubble comics were funnier than Bazooka’s.  Plus, I never much liked Bazooka Joe. He seemed untrustworthy with that patch over one eye, which, looking back on it now, probably had a miniature camera hidden in it to document whether or not American kids blew bigger bubbles than Russian kids.

"Look at funny American kid trying to blow inferior bubble!"

“Look at funny American kid trying to blow inferior bubble!  Kremlin will get kick!”

Kids today just don’t realize how lucky they are to not have to worry about such things while making their penny candy purchasing decisions.

On the other hand, one piece of penny candy now costs $2.59 –so I guess everything has a way of evening itself out in the end.

And there you have it, Dear Readers.  My brain, Peanuts, remembers penny candy.

Until next time . . . I love you

Gregory’s Bible Stories: Noah Sleeps It Off

Welcome, Dear Readers, to this Sunday’s edition of The Bible According to Gregory.

Today in Sunday School Gregory learned about Noah’s Ark and couldn’t help imagining what Noah and everyone was up to once they were on dry land again, and the only people left on earth.

Linda Vernon Humor, the bible according to gregory, humorous bible storiesNoah Sleeps It Off

In  last week’s lesson, God turned on the heavenly hose full blast until everything that breathed couldn’t breath anymore, and all the bad people on earth became dead, except for God’s favorite man, Noah, who built an ark etc. etc. (See Old MacDonald’s Farm for more information).

When God finally pulled the plug on the deluge, Noah was  601 years old even though Noah didn’t look a day over 500 and could still touch his toes!

While Noah’s wife and Noah’s three sons Ham, Shem and Japheth and their kids  enjoyed sifting through the flood debris for cool stuff, Noah spent most of the time moping in his tent and picking the mud off his robe.

Occasionally Noah would schlep through the flood debris to the  barbecue/altar to fix the Lord and (and himself)  a Shem burger invented by his son Shem  (his son Ham was too lazy to invent anything).

"Lord!  I give you the Shem Burger!"

“Lord! I give you the Shem Burger!”

But mostly Noah sat around just  whining and complaining to his wife, Betty, about how much he missed mankind.

Betty:  Noah, you really need to stop laying around all day kvetching.

Noah:  There’s nothing else to do.  I hate this place, it’s so boring!

Betty:  How can you say that when there’s so much debris out there just waiting to be sifted through.  Look what I found just today?

Noah:  What is it?

Betty:  An apple with one bite out of it!

Noah:  Weird.

Betty:  Listen, Noah why don’t you start on a project.  Do something constructive.  You’re a farmer.  Maybe you could plant something.

Noah:  Hey that’s a swell idea, Betty.  I’ll plant a vineyard!

Betty:  A vineyard?  But we don’t drink.  I don’t think the Lord would approve of that, Noah.

Noah:  Oh no!  Not for wine . . .

Betty:  For what then?

Noah:  Oh you know, for raisin bran, raisin cookies, Waldorf salads . . .

Betty:  I don’t like raisins in salad.

Noah:  Okay, whatever, you can pick the raisins out.  The point is, Betty,  what this place could use is a vineyard!  Besides wine seeds are the only seeds I brought with.

Betty:  You mean grape seeds?

Noah:  Yeah, what’d I say?

Betty:  You said wine seeds.

Noah:  Whoops.  Slip of the tongue.

Betty:  Are you sure?

Noah:  Betty, I’m 601 years old for god sakes, cut me some slack!

Three years later:

Betty:  Noah?  What are you drinking?

Noah:  Just some . . .hic .  . . grape juice.

Three Years and two hours later:

Shem:  Hey has anybody seen, Dad?

Ham:  He got wasted and passed out in his tent buck naked!

Shem:  Oh my Lord!

Japheth;  Oh my God!

Ham:  Oh you guys, stop being  such prigs!

Japheth :  We care about, Dad, okay?  We’re not pigs, Okay?

Shem:  Yeah!

Ham:  I didn’t say you were pigs, I said you were prigs.

Shem:  Same thing.

Ham:  Listen Shem, I think I know what a pig is, I was named after one.  Hello?!

Jepeath:   Come on Shem.  Let’s go get a blanket to put over Dad’s buck nakedness.

Shem:  What’s a blanket?

Japheth:   It’s  a robe without sleeves. You really need to keep up with technology better, Shem.

Drunk Noah

Three Years and Six Hours Later:

Japheth:  Dad’s awake and he wants to see you, Ham.

Ham:  Yeah Dad?

Noah:  I’m putting a curse on your son, Canaan!

Ham:  Why?

Noah:  He will be a slave to his brothers.  Give praise to the Lord the God of Shem! May God cause Japheth to increase!!

Ham:  Well Japheth has been putting on weight but  I  just thought it was the Shem burgers.


Ham:   Okay Dad! I’m standing right here. There’s no need to shout.  Please use your indoor voice.  How about a nice cup of black coffee and a cold shower?


Ham:  Okay Dad, now I know you’re still drunk.  Afire is not even a word, is it?


Ham:  But Dad, my son Canaan is just a little innocent boy who loves his grandpa.


Ham:  Consider it cursed!   Go  back to sleep, Dad.

Noah:  Okay, but wake me up when it’s time for soccer practice.

 And there you have it, Dear Readers.  How Gregory imagines it was like after for Noah after the flood.  Check back next week at this same time to find out what happens next.

Until next time . . . I love you

Noah thinks about cheese . . or Canada . . . or Canadian cheese . . .

Noah thinks about cheese . . or Canada . . . or Canadian cheese . . .

A 70′s Party Where Nobody Got the Memo

Welcome Dear Readers!  It’s been far too long since we’ve visited the Slightly Creepy Seventies, the decade that just can’t be rivaled when it comes to the creepy factor in fashions, home decor and food.

Today let’s talk a look back on a Slightly Creepy Seventies party where it would seem that:

Apparently Nobody Got the Memo 

Runny butter



(If the captions are too small, you can click on the picture)seventies party linda vernon humor

Apparently I didn't get the memo

Apparently nobody go the memo

And there you have it, Dear Readers.  A little of the Slightly Creepy Seventies to take you on into the weekend.

Until next time . . . I love you

Fish it From the Archives Friday: Ode to Al Gore

Welcome to Friday, Dear Readers.  I read recently that Al Gore has taken up a Vegan diet!   I just hope he doesn’t scarf down all the Vegans and will leave some for the rest of us!   Anyway, it got me to thinking about Dear Old Al: 

An Ode To Al


Oh dear Al Gore, we love you so

For making up stuff, as you go

You’re so much fun, you’re such a  gas

And of late, a colossal mass!

Al Gore's epitaph

You are The Man of all things global

The recipient of prizes, Nobel

There’s really nothing we can do

To fill your carbon footprint shoe!

Al_Gore thinking

Though the environment’s in such a state

There’s still not too much on your plate!

There’s greenhouse gas, there’s ecosystems

(Well it’s far too numerous to list ‘em)


Oh dear Al Gore, you always please

When a tear for polar bears you squeeze

And when you apply your concentration

You can actually pronounce “deforestation”!


Oh dear Al Gore, what would you do

If we weren’t burning fossil fuel

And melting glaciers left and right

To aid you in your noble fight!


When all is said and done, Dear Al

And you shuffle off to be God’s pal

Those pearly gates you’ll enter yet

For giving us the Internet


Until next time . . . I love you

Current Events Coloring Pages

Dear Readers.  I think you’ll agree when I say that this world doesn’t need more news.  What this world needs is more news coloring pages.  To that end, this blog has taken it upon itself to provide coloring pages for today’s true news stories gleaned from around the world.

London’s Most Adorable Pyromaniacs:

A pigeon in South London who brought a lit cigarette into his nest at the top of an apartment building started  a highly dangerous blaze that caused the evacuation of 9 people.

Richard Scroggs, who runs The Old Post Office Bakery in Landor Road, was quoted as saying, “Smokers.  What can you say?  I’m glad I gave it up.”

Investigators are on the look out for any pigeons seen smoking or chewing Nicorette gum.

A Careless Dog

A careless dog caused a fire when it jumped on the kitchen counter and accidentally or purposely hit the controls on a toaster resulting in a fire.

To determine if the dog activated the toast on purpose or by mistake, authorities are analyzing the crumbs found on the dog’s face to determine if they were indeed toast crumbs.

London’s Most Adorable Pyromaniac Coloring Page

Adorable Pyromaniacs

Careful Dog, you could start a fire.

Girl Chased by Huge Group of Rabbits and Lives to Tell the Tail

During World War II,  eight rabbits were used to test mustard gas on the Japanese island of Okunoshima.  Since then, the rabbit population has expanded to the point where it is virtually impossible to walk down the road without being stampeded by cotton tails.

Just ask  Yu Yu Lam who got chased by a stampede of rabbits so large, she made national news!

Yu Yu Lam Coloring Page

Y Y lam being chased by rabbits coloring page

Yikes . . .well it’s not really all that scary, I guess.

A Fisheries Officer Witnesses Bigfoot on the Canadian Shoreline

Fisheries officer, Luke Swan Jr., spotted a huge, strange animal crouched down at the side of the water just as he was boarding his boat to push off from the Canadian shoreline.

“It was probably eight or nine feet tall.  When I saw it, it scared me,” Swan stated.  He later returned to the site with his father where they found a series of large tracks measuring 16″ long and 9″ across.

Big Foot Coloring Page:

Big Foot Coloring Page

That’s Bigfoot’s feet alright! And he’s tracking mud all over the forest!

And there you have it, Dear Readers!  Happy Coloring!

Until next time . . . I love you

What is the Royal Canadian Air Force Trying to Tell us?

Welcome Dear Readers!  Have you been eating a little too much of everything lately causing you to feel fat?  Feeling fat is a horrible feeling. To find out how horrible ‘feeling fat’ is let’s look at where feeling fat lies on a scale of one to ten:

Feeling Fat on a Scale  of 1-10

Well never fear, Dear Readers!  Help for “Feeling Fat” is on the way from the Royal Canadian Air Force!

Yes you too can look hot in your Royal Canadian Air Force uniform if you ignore the shoes!

Yes you too can look fetching in your Royal Canadian Air Force uniform (providing you leave the shoes at home)

Now you’re probably saying to yourself, but, Linda, what gives?  (If you’re not go ahead and say it to yourself, I’ll wait)

You’re not even a Canadian, Linda. Shouldn’t a post about exercising with the  Royal Canadian Air Force at least be written by a blogger who is actually from Canada like Zoe, or Trent,  or Helena? Or at least a blogger who recently visited Canada – like the effervescent Guap?  Or even Lily, our most beloved Canadian poser?

Effervescent Guap

“Peel me a poutine!”

And the answer is a resounding NO with 5 Canadian exclamation marks not including this one → !

While I was Schlepping

For I ask you, Dear Readers, where were all these so-called Canadians while I was schlepping around the thrift store hunting my fingers to the bone looking for Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise booklets from 1962 to keep you, Dear Reader, from “feeling fat?”

I’ll tell you where they were!  They were relaxing on their ice-sculpted couches, eating their poutine with their miniature hockey sticks, that Canadians use instead of forks – all the while going on and on about how great William Shatner is ad naseum in between sticking the letter “u” in random words that are just fine without them — that’s where!

But let’s get back to the topic at hand:  Feeling Fat, America’s National Epidemic that the Canadian Royal Air Force is trying its darndest to help us out with

People in Canada don’t have a “Feeling Fat” epidemic because they’re a hardy bunch of stalwart individuals who brave the bitter cold each and every day. In fact, Canadians burn more calories walking to and from their cars in freezing temperatures in one day than a typical American will burn in a week paddling on an air mattress to Hawaii or Alaska (but usually Hawaii).

So now let’s open the The Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise book and see just exactly what exercises the Royal Canadian Air Force tells us to perform to keep us from feeling fat:

Feeling fat

The Royal Canadian Air Force stresses that if you don’t have a rough towel any type of sandpaper will work.

" okay

For  “Feeling Fat” Americans  this is going to be while putting on our socks as shoes weigh us down when we’re swimming to Hawaii or, less rarely, Alaska 

Oh boy

In Canada stepping out smartly always includes carrying a chair in Canadian underwear — which, of course, goes without saying, and we Americans would do well to follow suit.

And there you have it, Dear Readers! If this little exercise in exercising the Royal Canadian Air Force way has helped you to feel a little less fat, then their job here is done, and they can go back to what they do best which is, of course, carrying chairs around in their Canadian underwear.

Until next time . . . I love you

What’s Wackadoodle 1956 Mom up to Now?

Welcome Dear Readers!  I’m going out on a computer shopping excursion today wherein I will be replacing my trusty kaput computer, Lenny Xavier.  (If he somehow manages to get logged in to your e-mail or something,  just tell him I’m out buying socks.)

Until then let’s take a look back at another wackadoodle adventure  of 1956 Mom:

In this 1956 government issued Bulletin No. 10, the government suggests 1956 Mom go about killing the lonely hours of her day by freezing some strawberries!

Isn’t it adorable?

To that end, the government has transformed the simple task of placing some strawberries in the freezer into a complicated, time-consuming ordeal that is guaranteed to take 1956 Mom all day long!

Step One

First, 1956 Mom needs to wash the strawberries, then gently lift them out of the water where they will be ready for contemplation (as pictured).

To kill as many lonely hours as possible, the government is suggesting 1956 Mom contemplate the berries for two hours minimum — the same length of time she was instructed to contemplate her navel in the previously issued government Bulletin No. 9 entitled 1956 Moms and Their Navels.

Step Two:

1956 Mom now needs to remove the hulls from the berries which is easier said than done.  1956 Mom knows that she doesn’t exactly know what a strawberry hull is  — which means a trip to the local library where she can study the anatomy of a strawberry and sketch it into her Things I Once Froze diary for future strawberry freezing reference.

Step Three

1956 Mom is happy to finally get to the high point of her day, the sprinkling of the sugar! Oh what fun she will have!  But the fun doesn’t end there. She also gets to turn the strawberries over and over in the sugar for as long as her little arms will allow –giving nary a care to carpal tunnel syndrome — which, in 1956, hadn’t even been invented yet!

Step Four:

The next step is to pack the berries into a container. This step is  self-explanatory.  To find out more about things that are self-explanatory, 1956 Mom will have refer to previously issued government Bulletin No. 7 entitled The Government Explains Things That Are Self-Explanatory.

Step Five

Next 1956 Mom is going to need to press the lid on the container firmly making sure it’s on watertight — which means 1956 Mom will have to go to the garage, locate Father’s fishing gear, then find the nearest body of water in which to throw the container.  Then quickly fish it out, open the lid and check carefully for wet strawberries.  Phew! What 1956 Mom won’t do to kill the lonely hours of her day!

Step Six

Finally, 1956 Mom has made it to the very last step of her herculean strawberry freezing project.  It was touch and go there for a couple of hours!  But thanks to 1956 Mom’s perseverance, the only thing left to do now is label the containers with the name of the fruit (that’s easy . . . strawberries!) and the date she froze them.  For this, 1956 Mom will carefully pen  1 9 5 6.  Because if there’s one thing 1956 Mom knows, it’s her name!

Of course 1956 Mom might want to take a calligraphy class first to kill a few more hours of her lonely day — but that’s another government issued bulletin for another government issued day!

Until next time . . . I love you

R.I.P Lenny Xavier, A Star Player in the Linda Vernon Electronics Team

Dear Readers.  Bad News!  The star player in my Linda Vernon Electronics Team, my desktop computer, Lenny Xavier went mad and had to be unplugged.

There were signs but I chose not to see them

There have been signs.  I won’t go into the ugly particulars, but I didn’t take them seriously.  You see, Lenny Xavier had a tendency to be a bit of a  hypochondriac. He was always  worrying about  his updates, and he was always going off-line at slightest provocation to restart.   And god only knows what Lenny was doing while he was restarting.  (I suspect a serious electronic- cigarette addiction.)

As with any hypochondriac, one tends to quit listening after a while.   Life goes on no matter how many viruses  Lenny Xavier worried himself into a state of hysteria imagining he had.

Today Lenny Xavier went beeping mad!

Today, Dear Readers, Lenny completely lost it and just started beeping and beeping and beeping and beeping!  (If Lenny  had hands I suspect  he would have also been doing that lip strumming thing too if he had lips.)

I tried to calm him down by pushing control alt delete repeatedly and swearing at him but he just kept beeping and beeping and beeping.  Dear Readers it was ever so horrifying and ever so traumatizing and ever so annoying.

I had no choice!

I had no choice but  to unplug Lenny Xavier from his life support.   Don’t look at my blog like that!  I had too!  It’s not like I shot Old Yeller! (Almost but not quite).  

I  just gently unplugged Lenny Xavier from life support, that’s all.  After all, this time he could  have really had that  rabies virus he was always thinking he had.

And I swear he was on the verge of biting met too!  I could tell by the way his motor was growling!

You’re probably wondering how I’m typing this right now.  Call me mercenary (mercy for short), but I planned for this day  by asking for a laptop computer from my husband, 37, for Christmas this year!  I knew he’d get me one too because 37 can never resist an excuse to go to Fryes to purchase things that plug in.

Enter Delores

My new little laptop, Delores, is just a pup but so far she’s a real trooper and can be counted on in an emergency such as this one.  I haven’t told  Delores yet about what happened to Lenny Xavier.   I may have to download When Bad Things Happen to Good Computers first  to soften the blow  – but I’m sure she’ll rally (especially when she realizes that she, too, has a plug.)

Of course, I have no intention of running  right out and replacing poor dear Lenny Xavier this morning.  Naturally I’ll wait  a respectable amount of time.

I figure somewhere around  2 p.m. should do it.

R.I.P Lenny Xavier 2007 -2014

R.I.P Lenny Xavier
At least he died doing something he loved, beeping.

Until next time . . . I love you

Gregory’s Bible Lesson: When The Ark Disembarked

Welcome Dear Readers to this Sunday’s edition of The Bible According to Gregory.

Today in Sunday School Gregory learned about Noah’s Ark  and couldn’t help imagining what it must have been like stepping out on dry land after being stuck on the ark for so long.

 LInda Vernon humoous bible storiesWhen The Ark Disembarked

As imagined by Gregory

When Noah and his wife and his three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth and their wives and two of every animal on earth had been stuck on the ark together so long  no amount of Febreeze could have helped, Ham looked out the window and saw that all the water was gone, and the ark was  high-centered on Mount Ararat.



The date was January 1, قبل يسوع– wouldn’t you know!  The one day everybody was hung over.

Noah looked outside and saw that even though the sun was so bright it was giving him an even worse headache, the land was still pretty muddy so he made everybody stay inside the ark until the mud was complete gone on February 27, قبل يسوع   because no one had remembered to bring their goloshes

When Noah was 601 years old. God told Noah  to go ahead and let everybody out of the ark so that they could get started on reproducing and populating the earth again.

Noah decided to keep it to himself that the male and female rats  already had 473 kids. Why let the cat (both  male and female) out of the bag?  Noah figured it would just put  God in another one of His Destroy-Every-Living-Thing funks.

So to keep God in a good mood, the first thing Noah did when he got outside was build an altar to the Lord using an old boot, some pottery cans and other debris he found on the ground from the Destroying-Every- Living-Thing rubble that was strewn up one side of Mt. Ararat and down the other.

Noah gathered one of each kind of ritually-cleaned animal and bird and burned them whole as a sacrifice to the altar.  Then he took out a bottle of  Noah’s Judgment Day Barbecue Sauce, he managed to smuggle in his robe — and poured it over the top.

The odor of the sacrifice made the Lord’s almighty mouth water!  Then the Lord said to himself (apparently out loud while only the bible was listening): 

“Never again will  I put the earth under a curse because of what man does; I know that from the time he is young his thoughts are evil. Never again will I destroy all living beings as I have done this time  . . . as long as the world exists there will be a time for . . .  etc . . .  etc . . . ” (right about here is where the bible quit listening).

Then God gave Noah a Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down list  for mankind’s behavior since nobody remembered to pack the Ten Commandments.

God’s Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down List for Post-Flood Mankind’s Behavior

Thumbs up to having all the children you can possibly stand! :-)

Thumbs up to man being the boss of animals! :-)

Thumbs up to  All You Can Eat Meat and Green Plant buffets. :-)

Thumbs down to eating meat that still has blood in it. :-(

Thumbs down to killing anybody or everybody like God just did. :-(

Then God promised not to destroy the earth with a flood ever ever again. He didn’t come right out and say He was sorry, but everyone suspected it.

God went on to promise  that  every time a rainbow appeared in the sky, it would mean that God was keeping his promise to never wipe out mankind ever again with a flood so help Him Him.

Noah and the Rainbow

The bible tells us that Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth were the ancestors of all the people on earth.  Of course, the bible probably would have listed their wives as ancestors too — but they were girls.

After that, everything was going swell in a hand basket for our little group of mankind, that is until Noah had to go and get the bright idea to plant a vineyard . . . and you don’t even want to know what happened next — but Gregory is going to tell you anyway — so check back next week, Dear Readers!

Noah's animals

Until next time . . . I love you

Spill the Beans Friday: 26 Confessions

Spill the Beans

Welcome, Dear Readers, to Spill the Beans Friday where I confess personal things about myself that you may have suspected but you were much too polite to mention.


#1)  I can’t type, I can’t proofread and if my life depended on spelling, I’d be dead by noone nune 2 p.m.

#2)  I  sugar coat my sweets addiction.

#3)  I don’t just hate algebra, I want it whacked.

#4)  My frontal lobes are abnormally small.

#5)  Practically everyday I think  it’s the day before the day it actually is. 

#6)  Both input and imput sound right to me. 

#7)  I am horrible at video games.  It once took me 40 minutes to successfully complete one lap in  Mario Kart and why do they need so much grass anyway?

#8)  I always hang back when it comes to being the bowling scorekeeper or the flag folder as I have no idea how to do either.

#9)  I’ve never tried green enchilada sauce and I’m never going to unless it’s fed to me through a tube while I’m in a coma.

#10) I’ve never been in a coma.

#11)  I always suspect I’m not going to have anything in common  with people who give their age by saying “years young.”

#12) I’m super excited about the first two pictures I see in an Art Museum then I’m over it.

#13)  I only spelled museum right in #12 because of  spelcheck  spellcehck, right click.

#14) If someone tells me a really long story they’ve told me before, I can never think of a polite way to say, “Yeah you already told me that” so I just listen to the whole story again.

#15) I think my horse knows more than he’s letting on.

#16)  I’m a total idiot about Bulgaria.

#17)  I love I Love Lucy.

#18) I’m a food kick person — if I make chili or soup, I eat it for every meal everyday until it’s gone.

#19) I’ve tried twice but I just can’t get into “Breaking Bad.”

#20) I’ve been kissed by Bill Murray.

#21) One time someone cut in front of me in line at the grocery store so I picked up a magazine and pretended to be reading it and pushed my cart into the back of them.

#22) I once got a flat tire while taking my daughter to school and had to walk 6 blocks  home in my stocking feet.

#23) I think Portlandia is equal parts hilarious and unhilarious.

#24)  The only newspaper I read everyday is the wonderfully skanky Daily Mail Online.  

#25) I had to watched The Talented Mr. Ripley four times before I understood what was going on.

#26) I once stood right behind a guy in line with tattoos all over his body while waiting to rent The Illustrated Man.

And there you have it, Dear Readers!  Drop by next week for another installment of  Spill the Beans Friday!  And if you have anything you’d like to spill the beans about, I’m all comment boxes!

Until next time . . . I love you

Flipping Through a 1967 TV Guide

Welcome Dear Readers!  News Flash!  There’s something very strange happening in California.  Now don’t panic, but when I got up this morning instead of the sky being its usual blue, it seems to have turned a murky, purgatory gray overnight!  What could it mean?

I don’t know if it’s the end of the world, Dear Readers, but just to be on the safe side we’d better eat our dessert first today.

In the meantime, let’s flip through this old TV guide from 1967, shall we?

1967 TV Guide

Isn’t it wonderful?

Remember Jack Cassidy?  He was a pretty well-known actor.  He guest starred on lots of TV shows in the 60′s and 70′s .  He is also the father of David Cassidy and was married to Shirley Jones aka Mrs. Partridge.  Jack Cassidy was tragically killed  in a fire.  Poor Jack Cassidy.

Paula Prentiss and Richard Benjamin were a married couple who starred in all kinds of things.

Here’s a clip I really love of  Paul Prentiss and Peter O’Toole from the movie, What’s New Pussy Cat:

Richard Benjamin went on Johnny Carson once and told about how his wife, Paula, didn’t wash the pots and pans very thoroughly, and that he always had to rewash them after she went to bed.  For some reason, Johnny Carson thought that was the most hilarious thing he had ever heard.

Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss

Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss are still alive and still together. Apparently having to rewash pots and pans is not only good for your marriage, it’s good for your health.

 Here’s a 1967 ad for 7-up:

a 1967 ad for 7-up

Back  when 7up was cool.

I remember 7up’s theme song during this time went like this:  “Wet and wild, 7up is wet and wild.  First against thirst, first to satisfy you — so wet and wild and cool! “

Well I thought it was pretty cool too.  I even went to the trouble of picking out that  song  on the piano when I was a sophomore in high school.  We had an  orange piano that was down in the basement that had come with the house (both the basement and the piano).

It seems like 7up has never been as cool since. Now it’s just something you drink when  you’re feeling sick to your stomach.

Hey Look!  Talk about the perfect name for a rock band!

Warts and corns of 1967

Unlike 7up, warts and corns were never cool, not even back in 1967 — though Two Corns and a Wart would have made a great name for a rock band.

As you can see from the ad, apparently warts and corns were much more cruel in the 60′s than they are today.    Of course, the remedies available to help with wart/corn cruelty never completely cured the problem because why should any company purposely put itself out of the lucrative corn/wart removal industry?

Remember him?

1967 TV Guide Richard Basehart Ad

Richard Basehart was an actor who starred in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and who sometimes wore his pants like Fred Mertz.  He and his crew bombed around underwater in their submarine having underwater adventures left and right.

I remember really liking that show, though now the only  thing I remember about it was the pinging of the submarine noise they played every ten seconds lest you forget they were underwater on a submarine!

A ping that sounded not unlike this one:

Caution:  Do not listen to this if you hate submarine pinging!   (But it’s not really all that bad, Dear Readers, I just wanted an excuse to use a different colored font.)

And finally, there’s this:


What’s this?  Dr. Alfred Kidder has been inhabiting the North American continent for more than 15,000 years?  And I’ve never even run into him once! Could  Dr. Kidder might be pulling our legs?

Well, Dear Reader, this concludes our 1967 TV-guide-flipping session for today.  And it looks like the sky’s still a murky gray.  So I think it best if we get started eating  dessert, just to be on the safe side in case the world’s coming to an end.

Until next time (if there is one) . . . I love you

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The People’s Republic of Helena – A Kickstarter Manifesto

Linda Vernon:

Welcome Dear Readers! Today, I want to reblog this book publishing manifesto by Helena Hann-Basquiat who will soon be releasing a book of collected blog posts entitled Helena Hann-Basquiat’s Memiors of a Dilettante Volume One explaining just how she is taking steps to reach a wider audience for her writing. I think you’ll find it as interesting and entertaining as I did.

Originally posted on Being the Memoirs of Helena Hann-Basquiat, Dilettante.:

I met Jim Squires (real name: Jim Squires) a few years ago at a comic book store on Queen Street in Toronto. I was searching for one of the last issues I was missing from Warren Ellis’  Authority — I was going through my “Hey, let’s try bookbinding” phase, and I was trying to get the complete series. I caught Jim looking down my top and gave him a sly smile, which caused him to turn an adorable shade of cherry red. In his defence, I was wearing a shirt with the provocative caption THESE BOOBS ARE MADE FOR WATCHING printed on it (no, seriously — I had it custom made), so I didn’t hold it against him. He only wishes I had. This was back before Mrs. Jim was in the picture of course, and I swear, nothing happened between us (you really don’t want to get on Mrs…

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