This Blog’s Fashion Recommendations

Hello Dear Readers!  It hit me like a ton of bricks this morning that this blog has never taken it upon itself to discuss fashion.  I’m so embarrassed I can’t even tell you!  So without any further delay, here are some outfits that this blog highly recommends:

 The I Wanna Hold Your Hand If I Can Find It Sweater

awkwardly posing in a sweater
“Who can’t put their arms around a four-arm sweater?”

Say goodbye to those inferior two-arm sweaters once and for all, Dear Readers!  Having to put your arms in the same old armholes day after day is for suckers.  This sweater will revolutionize your world especially if you happen to be a  Type A personality!  Now you can vacuum with one hand, and drink a glass of milk with the other — all while your sweater is hugging people goodbye!

The outfit that makes you want to dance!

A woman in a striped black and white sweater
Now you can look just as good leaving as you did coming!

Are you tired of only looking like a million bucks from the front, but then when you turn around to leave, you look like a buck fifty?  Looking bad from the back is for suckers!  Here’s an ensemble that will revolutionize how you look at 360 degrees 24/7/365.  You’ll be so happy you’ll want to dance everywhere you go!

It’s Not Just an Outfit; It’s a Potholder!

Girl wearing a shirt and shorts out of potholders
Sexy Pot Holder Girl

Are you tired of always misplacing your pot holders and not being able to find them so you use your bare hands instead to remove that roast from the oven and end up in the burn unit at your local hospital?  Being in the burn unit is for suckers! Here’s an outfit that will revolutionize oven safety.  All you need now is a strong set of abs so that everything in the oven can be removed with your stomach all while, at the same time, making  you look quite fetching!

Twin Outfits for Twins Who Don’t Want to Look Alike Because They Aren’t Twins

women posing in sweaters and hats
Unidentical Twin Outfits

Are you tired of being mistook for your twin when you don’t even have a twin?  Getting mistook for your twin is for suckers!  These outfits will revolutionize individualism.  Whether your style is to sneak into the park wearing a sailor hat in the dead of night to pick every single daffodils just cuz — or whether your style is more along the lines of a wanna-be 1903 motorist adventurer with a bad attitude, these outfits scream I AM NOT A TWIN!  And if that doesn’t make the people in your life want to re-think their relationship with you, nothing will!

And there you have it, Dear Readers, this blog’s fashion recommendations.  Please accept my apology for having waited so long to get around to it!

Until next time . . . I love you

27 thoughts on “This Blog’s Fashion Recommendations

  1. I fgot my eye on that potholder outfit but I think I look better in blue – or ..nothing actually.. id wear it in a pinch though…you knwo what would be great with all of these> Boots made for stomping – not just walking cause that is yesterday walking – just be careful of the daffodils… ok so I kept myself to gether until I got to the twin section,,, and I am no still and forcefully chuckling I guffawed so loud my mom came to see if i hurt mysefl so I had to of course show her… and I tweeted.. your blog is a trendsetter… just need to know where to get these awesome fashions… ( you should sew them — I remember how muc hyou love to sew..but thats drapes? wait!! remember scarlett Ohara??? is that her name …not her but Carol Burnett ..playing her… and the drapes… oh ys…evening wear – a whole minty line – I am seeing it.. loving it… love you too… thanks for the Friday Giggle ♥

    • LOL!! Lizzie. How about some crocheted boots for stomping! I love that your mom came to check on your guffawing!! LOL!! That just makes my day! :D I actually have some really funny pictures about outfits and drapes! I may have to make this a regular Awkward clothing a regular Friday edition, at least until I run out of awkward wardrobe pictures! HA! Love you Lizzie!!!

  2. Oh that pot holder outfit! It looks SO hot (as in temperature wise). I couldn’t think of anything worse than wearing a knitted top and pants in the tropics (and it would be itchy!) ARGH ;)

  3. Laughed so hard I cried; cried so hard my nose ran; nose ran so much I had to use tissue; used too little tissue and had to wash my hands. What I am trying to say is: thank you, Linda. (I need to go change my underwear, too. Maybe my pants. Damn having children…)

    • I can’t tell you how happy your comments make me feel, Undercover!! LOL!! There’s really no higher compliment than when somebody tells me that they went through the Kleenex AND had to change their underwear! I feel like I hit the jackpot(ty?) I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your support however messily!! HA!! You’ve not only made my day but you’ve also reminded me I need to do a load of wash and buy some kleenex. xoxo!

  4. Is it just me or do those two “twins” at the end look like men in drag? Especially the blonde.

    The first sweater looks like a straight jacket. You’d have to be a little crazy to get it so it makes sense.

    No comment on the pot holder lady. I couldn’t possibly think of anything polite to say about her.

    • Haha Moose! The Potholder lady deserves a post all of her own . . . maybe even a book, or failing that, a treatise at the very least. :D

      And there’s definitely something fishy about those twins. They do look like men in drag!! Your right! HA! I just couldn’t put my finger on why they looked so weird. And they definitely look like men in drag you don’t want to mess with! :D Oh and thanks for coming by!! :D

  5. I think I would look just exquisite in that pot holder thing. And, then my wife wouldn’t have an excuse to not cook. I could always lend her….wait for it… a “hand”… ;)

  6. I want the four armed sweater look, complete with the hair. Unfortunately, my hair is curly, and, without blowdriers and flat irons, it ain’t gonna happen.

    Damn. Not fair!!

    Plus, I’m not a blonde.

    • Haha Addie! I think I could rock that four-arm sweater too! It would hide my midriff bulge! At least all you hair is curly. Mines only curly in the back. The sides and top are perfectly straight. HA! :D

    • Ha! Yes we’re dressing for success over here, butimbeautiful. It’s a different new kind of success the likes of which the world has never seen (and probably doesn’t want to)! :D

  7. While it’s wonderful that there are so many things available for the fashion forwards (sideways?), there is even more attention to that other oft-neglected group.
    Never have I heard so many things for suckers!

  8. This is a fantastic new service you’re providing! Do you take requests? How about a photo of Al Gore wearing a suit made of recycled Funyun bags? Of course the only place you could find that many bags is in the dumpster behind Al’s house… : P

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